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1) start a band
2) sell 5 copies of all of your cds. combined.
3) free zippos!!!!!!!!!
4) http://www.alonerecords.com/mailorder
Why i have the urge to write in here I don't know. Livejournal is ritarded. But i do have the urge. Today i took the day off, and I got nailed for it. We had presentations in my clinical class and I decided to sleep through it because i really haven't gotten more than 6-7 hours of sleep in a night in easily a month, and if you know me, you know that i need at least 14 hours of sleep per night to feel semi rested. the teacher never takes attendance, and there isn't even an attendance policy, but beause i'm the only dude in the class with 15 bitches, he always knows when i'm not there. So i have to do a write up for all of the presentations i missed. asdfwefowije cunt ass fuck wefoweijf.
Its lame, but one of my favorite things to do to relax now a days is download music for my ipod. Music is just too good not to spend all of your time thinking about it/listening to it / obsessing over it. My problem is i'm never satisifed. I spend all my time looking for that album that will give me the ultimate boner. When i find it, i listen to it obsessively until i can't stand to even think about it let alone hear it, and then i have to move on to find my next fix. Oddly enough it similar to the pattern of someone with a drug problem always looking for that perfect high and once they finally find it and its over all they can think about is finding the next high.
In other news, heavy music needs a swift kick to the balls. EVERYTHING SUCKS now. no one pushes the envelope anymore. I feel like every new band that comes out is a carbon copy of an album or band that came out years ago. Bands that were ahead of their time a few years back put out new albums that are a step backwards from the style they helped to pioneer way back in the back. I don't know how so many people can be content flooding a genre that became stale three years ago with the same rehashed, generic, upper decked gizm.
having a shitty day? watch this now: http://www.eulogyrecordings.com/media.cfm?type=video
click on the video for what to do when your van breaks down in oregon
last weekend upper decked! (dropping grumpies in the tops of toilets is cool , hence upper decking taking the place of other positive adjectives such as "super" "neato" and "awesome")

the weekend ruled. Good times, great friends. Meredith's party slayed. so many people crammed into our house. i had a great time, so did the guest of honor, so it went well in my eyes.
The show was good times as well. Not as many people as i had hoped would come, but still a good time nonetheless. Everything went smoothly. no bullshit, no problems. All the bands couldn't have been cooler/nicer. Curly and me are gonna do another one soon i hope. the binding are still some of the best people i know. thank you to anyone reading this who came.
Then monday was the bitch's and mine's 6 month anniversary. we celebrated half a year ofof pain, bullshit, unnecessary drama, and spousal abuse. Liz got me an ipod, i'm still dumbstruck. easily the nicest/sickest present i've ever gotten.
Might go to harlem tonight for the weekend, we shall see. if not might go to walls of jericho. we shall see. mr. lif this weekend, so there if i'm here.
lately i have to pinch myself/ have reality checks. THings are just so good all the time. It almost doesn't feel right. I don't recognize myself sometimes, but in a good way. in the sense that i've turned into many of the things/ acquired a certain piece of mind that i've always strived for internally. cute, huh?
done with work in 3 minutes. gonna blaze and watch the rest of dead alive.
lots of work, but it was worth it. Everything is in place and looks like it will go off smoothly. I will love you forever if you come to this:

This sunday night, the 17th, at falstaff's=
ed gein
the binding (the eric schnee escape plan)
knife the glitter

3 bling with a skidmore id. if you upperdeck the toilet in either the mens or ladies bathroom facilities you get in for free. If you firestorm both bathrooms, you get lots of respect, but no tangible prize because i might be broke for a long time after the show.
show starts around 7 pm

oh, also, this saturday night come to our house at 139 woodlawn we're having a birthday bash for meredith.
ahh, internet. i needs it. don't get it at our house for another couple of days. our house fucking rules, although i've barely been there because the ladyfriend doesn't have a car so to see her i have to go to campus. But anyway, uh, hmm, what to write about. uhh oh courtney and me are putting on a show here oct. 17 at falstaff's. So far ed gein and lickgolden sky are definitely booked, the eric schnee escape plan are playing, as are my negroes' josh and eli's band knife the glitter. Waiting to hear back on a headliner. If any of the current possibilites say yes falstaff's is getting burned to the ground. come to this show. bring as many friends as possiblay.
i'm such a lazy fucker, so much i have to do, like talk to my guidance counselor about a psych thesis, and my schedule in general. keep putting that off. also, i need to call a lot of people back today. i've been sucking at life about returning phone calls. if i didn't call you back please don't hate me you can kick me in the testes for free next time our paths cross.
My arm is finished healing. going to get it colored in and finished up in two weeks. Then get surgery on the heart, then fill in excess space then whamo quarter sleeve.
school time. packing everything today, saratoga springs tomorrow at 12 for moving in and paying landlord. the house will be amazing, the year will be amazing. too much to do right now. yesterday ruled, new tats. quarter sleeve half way done. did shit right this time. blah i have nothing to say thats why i never write in this thing. boner, gism. agh momma nerr yelling at me. bye

Aug. 20th, 2004

I have a new hero, and his name is bob. his desk is adjacent to mine here at work. once a week bob engages in a really awkward sexually-themed conversation with me. This was this week's conversation. it's pretty much word for word, because it just went down 5 minutes ago. None of this is exaggerated, i speak the complete truth
me: whats up bob
bob: where the fuck is the part i'm looking for
me: i don't know dude
bob: fuck. so how much longer you here for?
me: one more week.
bob: then back to banging chicks at school?
me: uhh, just my girlfriend
bob: yeah right. that's what you say now. you're gonna throw back beers and bang a lot of chicks.
me: uh, ok
bob: some really hot girl is gonna come up to you, and you're gonna have a bunch of beers in you, and shit's gonna happen. then, a little while after you're going to get a phone call from her down the line telling you you're a new dad
me: oh god, uhhhh
bob: you know what i did?
me: uh no, what?
bob: [he then made a gesture with his hand that looked like he was cutting something with a pair of scissors ] and then said "snip snip". i assume this meant back in college he got some girl pregnant and had her get an abortion. but who knows. and i didn't really want to ask. well actually i did, but at the same time i didn't, you know? anyways....
bob: me and my wife, we have 3 kids. that's way too much. (he then made some other reference to snip snipping and his wife)...all boys, little terrors, age 1,3, and 5. But the 3rd one was an accident. shit happens sometimes, you know?
me: sure, man. ( i was gonna ask if the third kid knows he was an accident, but then i realized i really didn't want to talk to bob anymore)

Aug. 11th, 2004

to: eric schnee
from the roses are red journal "My playlist: Cranberries - No Need To Argue (I'm gonna need some wet naps because my vagina's crying)"

someone else besides you has horrible taste in music :)
have a fucking amazing time on tour you gay sugar tit :)
i'm listening to a new copeland song that is fucking amazing. and then i realized it was originally written by phill collins. i indirectly like phill collins. there's a strong positive correlation between phil collins and genesis. by default, i like phil collins. and genesis. i get out of work in an hour and then i'm gonna run my car off the road into a telephone pole